V-Panel Box | A Simple Robust Aluminum Trench Box


V-Panel by Kundel is a box that is easy to lift and move around on the job site. Use the versatility of the movable Shore Panels to work around existing utilities or T-Off from your main trench in safety. Protect your workers at each end of the box with the variable width and durable panels. As a trench box, the vertical panels stop ground movement to protect adjacent structures.

Features & Benefits

  • O.S.H.A. Certified
  • Sliding Clamped Panel
  • Easy Vertical Adjustment Around Utilities
  • Easy to Transport, Assemble & Compact Storage
  • Robust Steel Tamping Pads and Knife Edge at Top and Bottom of Panel
  • The Only Aluminum Extruded panel in the industry with the on the fly independent Vertical adjustment.


Light weight durable extruded aluminum panels with a steel knife edge at the bottom and a steel tamping block at the top. The clamping design allows for vertical movement of the panel in the trench.

Horizontal Frame

Aluminum wales combined with steel telescope end beams gives you variable width adjustment. Steel Spreader Beams and Adjusters sold separately.

Knife Edge

The all steel knife edge allows you to cut smoothly into the soil, making diving the panels easy.



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