Trench Shoring for Sale

The universal system can be used in a range of configurations to satisfy any shoring difficulty, particularly trench shoring in bad soil conditions or near adjacent structures.

Mabey’s equipment is made from high-strength steel, which makes it possible to design for most soil conditions, even if groundwater exists. Coates Hire offers a wide array of shoring systems for hire. Enquire at your local branch about digging and drag boxes, hydraulic shoring and accessories. Master everything from OSHA regulations to modern safety devices in this FREE Unique Report. Building Security Subjects That Can Conserve Lives Download it now!

The aluminum lite shield systems supply optimal flexibility and ease of use for excavation professionals. These versatile systems can be easily assembled and are offered in panel lengths varying from 2-8 feet. For optimum versatility, the system can be utilized as a two, 3 or four-sided configuration. The GME E+S slide rail system has panels that pivot into place instead of having to be raised and over the post to put them, which minimizes setup time and makes it possible for contractors to use smaller sized excavators. Risks of Trenching and Excavation … and events involving mobile equipment. Trench collapses cause dozens of deaths and hundreds of injuries each year.

Pro-Tec Equipment offers a wide range of trench protecting and shoring devices, consisting of hydraulic shoring, aluminum trench guards, light-weight steel trench shields, a main line of trench guards and the Pro HD line of trench guards for use on those projects that require an extraordinary depth rating. Mabey’s trench protection equipment is rated for depths higher than 30 feet in Type C60 soil– and much deeper in OSHA’s Type A and B soils. A trench is a narrow excavation, not more than 15 feet wide at the bottom. , if you set up types … Shields are also called trench boxes and trench shields.. Coast.

In addition, UR offers a variety of expert training courses on topics, consisting of excavation instruction, confined area entry, safety and fall defense, regulative compliance, and operator equipment accreditations. Not Protected: Loss Due to Intentional Abuse of Equipment and Loss Due to Acts of God. See Terms of the Sunbelt Rentals Rental Agreement.


Modular Aluminum Trench Boxes – Benefits

Shorelite Lite Modular Aluminum Trench Box

Utility workers have a lot of dangers that they have to deal with on a daily basis, but trench collapse should not be one of them.  In the blink of an eye, a trench’s walls can collapse and bury utility workers under tons of soil, clay, and debris.  It is for this reason that a growing number of utility workers are opting for modular aluminum trench boxes for all of their trench shoring needs.  Some people wonder why it is that utility workers would rely on aluminum and not steel when it comes to their trench boxes.  One of the most common reasons why is the fact that aluminum is lighter than steel and is more portable.

Many smaller utility companies do not have access to large boom trucks or a large employee base to help move heavy steel trench boxes in to place.  Modular aluminum trench boxes can be moved into place a piece at a time by as few as two people, and they can be erected quickly and easily.  Utility workers are elated in the fact that they no longer have to worry about cumbersome steel boxes for all of their trench shoring needs.  The ease and the portability of boxes made from aluminum saves the utility workers time.  This time can then be spent on performing the job’s tasks so that they can get back on the road and to the next job.  It is this ease and portability that is most sought after when it comes to having to use trench boxes. Trench boxes can be used in many types of soil and this means that there are a diverse amount of applications where the aluminum boxes can be used.

Modular Aluminum Trench Boxes versus Steel

It doesn’t matter if the soil has a high or low clay content because the aluminum boxes will not rust and degrade in the same manner that a steel one will.  They will perform as they are supposed to year after year so that they can keep the utility workers safe and out of the way of any harm.  Anyone that has been involved in a trench collapse can attest to the fact that it is a very dangerous, and frightening ordeal to be buried alive.  Even though there may be other workers on the site and at the ready to dig them out, that still doesn’t take any of the fear out of the fact when working inside of a trench without a box to protect the worker.  A growing number of unions, and companies, are trying to make it mandatory that trench boxes, especially aluminum ones, be used so that the workers can do the job that they are there to do without having to deal with the hazards associated with not using one.

Kundel’s Trench Shoring Box Business

As the consumer, you are obtaining trench boxes that have been made to a requirement that is difficult to beat. We have made sure that we have stuck with the best business possible, as well as we are handing down their quality to you when you are shopping with us. You are going to purchase from us making certain that you get the best products, and also we make use of only the very best items when we reach work for you. You can see the high quality in all that we do, and also we could not prosper without the assistance of the Kundel family members.

They have the highest criteria for safety and security and top quality, as well as we just utilize Kundel items and absolutely nothing else when we get to work for you. You can learn all about the Kundel when you are patronizing us, and also we will certainly not substitute anything else. We have dedicated just to the Kundel business when we make items for our customers, as well as you will see no edges reduced. You can look out on the job that we have done with Kundel trench shoring boxes, and we will certainly see to it that you enjoy with the job that we have actually done.

Kundel is a Trench Shoring Manufacturer

Kundel is the trench shoring manufacturer we count on daily, and they are a business that has actually put a great deal of energy and time right into in the past. We are really pleased to be their companions in manufacturing, and we enjoy to utilize their items to create a far better future for all our customers. Kundel is a remarkable firm, and also you are worthy of to understand even more concerning them as our possible or current customer.

Kundel is a trench shoring supplier that was begun by the senior Kundel Sr. as a family business, and it has actually been handed downed to the more youthful Kundels over the years. They are a terrific business that has actually been devoted to the family members values that they started with, as well as they only market items that they will certainly guarantee. They have made just the very best products for the trench market for many years, as well as we have staked our claim to their trench shoring boxes in the steel, aluminum and also Titan collection styles.

The owner Kundel Sr. began this business to make sure that he could have a huge customer base, which is why he chose to make use of steel and light weight aluminum items. He knew that a few of individuals would certainly have varying requirements, and he wanted individuals to be able making selections when they were shopping with them. They are able to change their orders (as long as not currently in production), as well as they have actually gone up to the Titan Series due to the fact that the Kundel brand name is so perfect for individuals.

You can take a lot of convenience in exactly what the Kundel company provides for all its customers, and we are really delighted to reveal you products that can be made from the remarkable Kundel styles we trust.